RAWR! Games is a Mexican publishing company focused on print and play board games, with family friendly, fantastic and fun-filled themes. We are promoters of the print and play movement in our country, and our goal is to get more people who have never been in contact with modern board games to approach this wonderful world.

Alexz Martinez

Director and Game Designer of RAWR! Games. After participating as a graphic designer in a couple of Mexican board game projects, I decided to try my luck with my own designs. That’s how I started participating in roll and write game contests at Boardgame geek, obtaining several prizes and launching those games later on kickstarter with a great approval from the public.

Ely Moonlign

Character illustrator, responsible for the beautiful and familiar graphic identity of RAWR! Games. Since I entered college I was very interested in illustration but I worked on projects as a graphic designer until the opportunity arose to start my career as a professional illustrator at RAWR! Games.