InĀ Kaikoro, players must defeat five fearsome Kaijus before their city is destroyed.

Attack the Kaijus to get points, power and crystals from them, which will help you improve your chances of winning.

Finish the game before the other players to unleash the nuclear warhead and damage them every turn, or defend your city until the last moment and try to get as many points as you can. It’s up to you!


A new island has been discovered, so archaeologists and paleontologists from all over the world start a race to become the discoverers of a new civilization.
In Bako you will draw lines to form polyominoes and discover fossils, treasures and ruins. Discover more than other players and fulfill their special conditions to earn more points.


In a wonderful world where colors are produced by curious creatures called slimes, you will take the role of a novice painter who wants to learn how to paint.
Play the slime cards of different colors to activate their effects, and then combine those colors to produce new ones. With a wider palette of colors you can claim the painting cards. If you are the first player to get 3 or more painting cards you win the game.

My Precious!

A mysterious ring with a hidden power has appeared, and all the races of the world want it.
My Precious! is a game of dexterity and lots of reflexes where whoever has the ring must survive more than one turn with it to win, while the other players use trickery to try to steal it.
You only need one card to play: the ring, but you can add characters to make the game even more interesting.